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2014 Fiat Linea Facelift Spotted Again : Launch Early next year

2014 Fiat Linea Facelift Spotted Again : Launch Early next year

Petes Xpress Garage Opened In Calicut

Petes Xpress Garage Opened In Calicut

India Bike Week 2014 Annoounced

India Bike Week 2014 Annoounced

PREVIEW : 12th Auto Expo 2014

PREVIEW : 12th Auto Expo 2014

Friday, 26 December 2014


Friday, 28 November 2014


Mercedes benz India has launched new C class in India priced at 40.90lakhs (ex showroom Delhi). The company launched only the petrol variant and has decided to launch diesel variant later. The new model competes with Audi A4 and BMW 3 series. It is powered by 2.0 litre turbo charged petrol engine,with 181bhp and 300 nm of torque. The new model is equipped with 7 speed G tronic transmission and acquires 0-100kmph in 7.5 seconds.

Designwise,the new C class looks similar to new S class.Compared to the older model, it is longer and wider. The height is reduced to make it more dynamic in design. Mercedes C Class comes with sporty avantgarade grill,replacing traditional chrome grill.

Inside the C class has got luxuorious. The cabins design and quality,feels like that of the S class. It has a centre console mounted 8.5 inch touch screen controlled by a scroll bar or touch pad. The C Class has also got advanced features like satellite navigation,push button start,burmester music system with 13 speakers,panoramic sunroof and LED cabin light with 3 different colours.
For now Mercedes Benz India will import the new C class and later would assemble locally,which will bring down the price tag. The new C class promises a fuel efficiency of 14.74 kmpl.

Monday, 10 November 2014

2 3 Questions You Must Ask Driving Instruction School Authorities

Want to learn driving? Well, if you are planning to attempt at testing your driving skills, it is actually a very good idea. Driving makes you an independent individual. Also, driving is a fun exercise that, once learned, remains a thing for enjoyment throughout your life. Now, if you are seriously considering the idea of learning driving, you must join a driving instruction school instead of learning it with your own car. A proper driving instructor takes the necessary care to make sure that you not only learn driving but also get rid of any anxiety that you have. However, while going for a driving training school, there are certain things you must check. Wondering what are these? Here is a list of questions you should ideally ask the school authorities before joining.

What is Your Experience?

To begin with, ask them about the experience of the driving school. The more experienced the school is, the better it is for you. A driving school that has been operating for several years now has definitely produced a number of expert drivers. A few of them can provide you with an account of how beneficial the training would be.

Do You Instruct in Other Languages?

After you are done with checking the experience of the driving school, find out if the driving instructions are imparted in more than one language. Now, while driving is mostly about learning technicalities and practicing coordination, you must also remember that verbal communication with the instructor is necessary and inevitable. So, any kind of language barrier is extremely uncalled for. Make sure that the driving school facilitates training in different languages, most importantly, the languages you are comfortable with.

Do They Have Specially Designed Course?

Also ask the customer service representative about whether the driving instruction school conducts any specially designed course for the physically challenged, disabled, elderly people or the first-time learners. The sign of a reliable driving instruction school is its encouragement towards driving, irrespective of the person wanting to learn. Cars driven by physically challenged people need certain special equipment. As such, the driving instructors offering the lessons should be well informed about the usage and operation of the units.

What is the Price They Charge?

Last but not the least, get an idea about the pricing of the driving school. Most of the schools ensure flexible classes conducted throughout the week and also as per the convenience of the students. However, the rates they charge often vary depending upon the specific requirements of the students. The best way of finalizing a reputed driving instruction school would be by obtaining quotes from quite a few of them and then taking the decision.

While learning driving is essential, you are definitely not supposed to be burning a hole in your pocket for the purpose. So, it is always advisable that you prioritize your demands and then go about it. Once everything is done, read carefully through the terms and conditions. Make sure that there are no hidden costs involved in the same.

Author-Bio- Jennifer Rogers, associated with a driving safety school, offers information about the things you must keep in mind while going for professional driving classes.

Friday, 17 October 2014

0 Italian Superbike Giant Benelli enters India

The acclaimed Italian Superbike brand Benelli paves its way into the Indian superbike market, through a tie up with DSK Motowheels, one of India's strongest and biggest figures in the superbike industry. DSK Motowheels today, officially announced this epic partnership with the Italian giants.

Benelli is a brand that has a rich history to boast of. It started its operations in 1911, and thus is the oldest Italian motorcycle company. Like many other brands, Benelli also started its journey as a garage- the "Benelli Garage", where 6 Benelli brothers Giuseppe, Giovanni, Francesco, Filippo, Domenico and Antonio (also known as Tonino) worked together passionately repairing and manufacturing motorcycles. Benelli went on to earn accolades in the action packed world of motorsports, with Benelli bikes quickly earning the illustrious distinction of playing a key role in over a thousand victories in the Italian, European and World racing championships since 1939. With the same DNA, Benelli today boasts an exciting range of some of the world's finest superbikes that are perfect blends of heritage, innovation, styling and technological prowess.  

  “After establishing our footprint in nearly 30 countries like Italy, Germany, France, China, UK, USA, Australia and Spain to name a few, we now wish to introduce some of the world’s best designed and performing superbikes to the second largest two wheeler market in the world. The Indian two wheeler market is growing at a volume of 10-12% and is set to achieve a size of 21-23 million units by 2015-16.” said Mr. Frank Zhuang, Board Director of Benelli QJ SRL who was present at the historic tie-up announcement.
“Indian market is the most important market for Benelli, and this will become one of the biggest markets for us in terms of sales.  Our partner DSK has a profound knowledge and good experience in the Indian Superbike market. DSK Motowheels are today the fastest growing Superbike Company in India with strong financial power. We firmly believe Benelli will have great success in India with DSK as its partner, by launching right products at the right time with the right pricing,” he added on. 

DSK Motowheels also seems to be pretty much thrilled about this partnership. “We are extremely proud to partner with the oldest Italian Motorcycle brand Benelli and excited to bring the largest range of Italian superbikes into India. We are confident we will revolutionize the Indian Superbike Industry with our understanding and experience in the Indian Superbike market, and the ability to put up a wide dealer network coupled with an impressive line-up of Benelli superbikes that offers something for every rider”. Mr. Shirish Kulkarni, Chairman of DSK Motowheels gets talkative about the deal. 

The Indian line up includes Tornado Naked Tre, or TNT superbikes that include the in-line, two cylinder TNT 302, the in-line, four-cylinder 600 cc TNT 600 i as well as TNT 600 GT, the 898 cc, in-line, three-cylinder TNT 899 and 1131 cc, also in-line, three-cylinder engine powered TNT 1130R, a 155 bhp plus superbike. As obvious these reflect the Italian flamboyance in their design and are ruthless performers, thus making them some of the hottest superbikes introduced in our market till date. 

The DSK motors will be playing a vital role by assembling and selling these superbikes and also providing good service and spares backup. This local assembly is expected to bring the price down. Putting lights on the marketing strategy, Mr. Kulkarni said that they have plans to set up around 20 dealerships all over India in the coming 6-8 months. However, initially they will be opening up in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai and Kolkata in next 3-4 months.
TNT 302
TNT 600 GT
TNT 1130

TNT 899

TNT 600i

Sunday, 12 October 2014

0 "Battle of the Supercars"- review

Words: Neeraj Padmakumar

The count-down has begun for the new season of National Geographic channel's flagship automotive show-" Nat Geo Supercars". The first episode of this much-awaited show, christened "Battle of the Supercars", will go on air on 13 October 2014. 

“We are excited to bring back Nat Geo Supercars- one of our top-rated franchises. This year, there is more than just an attractive line-up of supercars. There is a high-octane race between the best of engines that is bound to leave all car enthusiasts and Supercar fans breathless.” - Debarpita Banerjee, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, NGC Networks and FOX International Channels India, turns talkative about the show. These words reflect the channel's expectation and confidence on the new avatar of its well-favored show.

With just a couple of days left for the premiere, we the AUTOGADGET team turned out lucky enough to have a preview of  the first few episodes. Here is what to expect ...

As obvious from the name itself, the show is all about battling renowned supercars against each other, so as to find out the best of engines. In each episode of this fourth season, the host Lee Reherman challenges the illustrious race car drivers-Tanner Foust and Paul Tracy to take up two of world's most laudably designed sports cars and push them to their limits. These drivers then put these cars into an intense testing procedure which involves testing their performance on the road and putting them head to head in an all-out battle. All these clearly demonstrates why exactly these are considered "supercars".

The first episode will bring you a breathtaking battle between two mighty, wild machines- a 3.6 L flat 6 PORSCHE 997 TT and a 3.8 L NISSAN GTR. Yea, that sounds awesome. Foust and Tracy are really crazy and go wild with these cars.  Yea of course, the GTR, with its 485 HP motor may seem to have the upper hand over the 480 HP Porsche. But every car has areas where it excels as well as areas where it lags. Foust and Tracy will put lights on these areas of each of the test cars through a series of  tests. Here in this episode, first the cars are put to a "Desert Road Slalom" round, as the channel calls it, which will reveal the car with better handling and suspension. The test course consists of  6 cones placed 70 ft apart. The time, speed and distance of each car are measured by a Video VBOX attached to it. The car that manages to clear the course at a higher speed obviously has a better handling. Next, these guys check the acceleration and braking efficiency in the "0-100-0" round. For this the team chooses the Mojave Air and Space port, which has ideal stretches for machines as mean as these. The round combines acceleration to 100 and coming back to a standstill. You will surely be amused by the results. Next, it is time to rev the  pedal hard and see how fast these cars can go. The tarmac at the Mojave Air and Space port is just perfect for this round- the " Head to Head Standing Mile" as the channel calls it. This round is too elating for anyone who loves speed. The skilled drivers do succeed in their effort to bring out the true potential of each car. Later the team goes into finding out how good the cars are on real life road courses. The road that the team chooses for this is one with a number of  sharp twists and turns, rather a "tricky" track according to Tracy. Slide off the track at corners and the car is a nasty wreckage. Stunt driver Foust appears to have the advantage in this round. But what happens here is really interesting. This may be the round that will really make you hold your breath and keep your eyes glued to the television screen. The breathtaking speeds, the risky passes, the slides, drifts...everything will surely trigger an adrenaline gush in you. The car with an overall best score will patently be the winner.

Reherman plays his part well and keeps the show going in a flawless manner with minimal drama. Foust and Tracy are stunningly talented and exploit the capabilities of every car they get. The way they interact with each other and the keep the show going is also noteworthy. They are casual in their attitude and this dearth of formal talks wipes off even the smallest trace of weariness from the viewers. The way the whole thing is filmed needs special mention. The excellent cinematography brings to you the  beauty of each of these supercars totally unadulterated. Another praiseworthy thing is the venue selection. The courses and venues are so selected that they are apt for getting the maximum out of the cars as well as are of aesthetic significance.

The show is sporty, fast and real. From the suave BMW to the swift Ferrari- Nat Geo Supercars has the best beauties in the business. It is unconventional, follows no limits and I personally love watching these cars ripping the wind. I am happy to be associated with something so off-beat yet enjoys a wide fan base.- the acclaimed supermodel and actress, Lisa Haydon feels excited about the show. Lisa is all set to glam up the battle of four wheeled beasts.

In the second episode, you will see another thrilling battle between two of the bigwigs among sports cars- a 3.9 L 505HP PORSCHE GT3 RS and a 4.3 L 510 HP FERRARI F430. However, the excitement does not end there... The days ahead will bring matchups like a BMW M3 versus a Lexus ISF; Technocraft Lamborghini versus the Joyride Ford GT;Ferrari 430 Scuderia versus Ferrari California; Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG versus the Cadillac CTSV , Bentley Supersports versus Aston Martin DBS and the list goes on....

Also to promote the show further, the channel is organizing a "Watch and Win" contest for the viewers. All you have to do is answer the question flashed on the screen during the show and you could win exciting prizes like ipads and NGC Supercar branded merchandise...

So hold your breath, fasten your seat belts and tune into NGC  on 13 October 2014 at 10:30 pm (IST) to watch a Porsche 997 battle head to head against a GTR. .Take your "supercar fever" to the next level with "NGC Battle of the supercars",  every  Mon- Fri at 10:30 pm (IST). Miss it and it will be the loss of a lifetime...


Saturday, 27 September 2014

1 "Battle of Supercars" to premiere soon on National Geographic

National Geographic is all set for a punching comeback with their flagship automotive show  "Supercars". This time the show comes to your screens with its all new series "Battle of  the Supercars".  The name says it all. The show will bring you blow-by-blow accounts of the best of cars and also feature the best of battles of the racing cars- something that every car enthusiast craves to watch. Hot mean machines burning their rubber, the drifts, wheelspins, exhaust roars, everything will induce an instant Adrenaline gush in any automotive enthusiast.

The show has  Tanner Foust and Paul Tracy, two of the bigwigs among professional race car drivers who will literally "Exploit " every car to the core. In each episode, host Reherman gives them the challenge to take two mean machines. Foust and Tracy, then push these rides to their limits. They test these cars on their performance on roads and then put them on a head-on all-out competition. Each episode will demonstrate why these machines are considered "Supercars".  The show will bring breathtaking battles between the world's most outrageously supped set of wheels like  BMW M3 vs Lexus ISF, Technocraft Lamborghini vs  Joyride Ford GT, Ferrari 430 Scuderia vs Ferrari California, Merc E63 AMG vs Cadillac CTS-V, Bentley Supersports  vs Aston Martin DBS etc.

You ready for these super exciting face-offs ? Well then wait till the 13th of next month. The show will premiere on 13 October and will go on air  every Monday-Friday at 10:30 pm.

Monday, 22 September 2014


The Italian car maker Fiat had been one of the most trusted and most opted brands in the Indian market till recent times. However the recent days saw the company struggling for existance with declining sales, despite all those (silly) refreshes they had given their models- both the Punto and the Linea. The hard times were mostly due to the pop up of more 'upmarket' , feature rich models at competitive price tags.
However the company began to regain hope as the facelifted Linea (2014)  managed to attract crowds pretty well.  And now, with the facelifted version of Punto- one of the ever time favorite Fiats of the Indians, hopes are sky high and the company hopes to regain its lost glory in the near future. The Punto has been a dreamboat for the Indians ever since its Indian debut. But like anything else, timely changes were essential for Punto too. But in India, we must say, these changes took a long while to happen, something which retarded the sales of this super-hot Italian beauty. Anyway, the wait is over. The facelifted Punto- now badged as the PUNTO EVO has finally hit our roads.
And we chose to test the top of the class , most powerful , 90HP model for all the driving enthusiasts out here.... and here is what  we felt...

The new PUNTO EVO looks really sporty and musculine.The front has changed drastically.The headlamps have been redesigned, they are now larger and visually more appealing. For normal EVOs,  the headlamps get chrome strips inside them whereas the 90HP variant has them smoked.The new grille looks great. The FIAT logo now sits on the hood.The air dam has a very interesting design. The fog lamps has a new design and get chromium lining. The creases ( character lines ) on the hood enhance the sporty character of the car. A mere glance of the front of the car is enough for an instantaneous hike in the adrenaline count.

The sides haven't changed much, except for the new set of alloys. The door handles are chrome plated, though it does not go hand in hand with the overall sporty character of the car. The new 90 HP EVO rides on 195/55 R16 Wheels. The normal EVO (EMOTION) gets diamond cut alloys whereas the 90 HP variant  gets a sportier set of alloys. The lower trims get full wheel covers.

The new Punto's rear looks smart and refreshed. The 90 HP model gets an integrated rear spoiler., that adds to the sporty nature of the car. The clear lens tail lamps have an interesting design. The redesigned bumper now hosts rear reflectors and rear fog lamps, neatly lined by chromium. The chrome strip that runs between these reflectors adds to the elegance of the rear.

To sum it up, the new PUNTO EVO is well designed , looks hot and has all the potential to lure the customers. Kudos to the design team...


The new Punto EVO gets dual tone beige- black interiors for the normal trims and all black interiors for the 90 HP trim. The seats have a black -grey fabric. The dash has been completely redesigned and is well organized now. The plastic quality has been improved ( still it cannot be called the "best -in - class"). The ambient lighting on the dash , the fabric trims on doors , all add a premium feel to the interiors. The driver's seat is height adjustable.

The steering wheel has been retained from the previous model, but now has a better finish. The wheel is chunky and offers good grip. The wheel has audio and telephony controls and also voice command controls mounted on it.

The instrument cluster has an appealing design. The speedo and tacho are well arranged with maximum visibility
. All the major gauges are analog. However there is a DIS integrated into the cluster, which gives all the essential information like trip meter, DTE, external temperature,real time mileage, digital clock etc.

The in-car-entertainment system in the new PUNTO EVO needs special mention. The system hosts a CD/MP3 player,with bluetooth telephony. It also comes with Microsoft powered  Blue & Me technology that also offers the convenience of voice commands.Another interesting feature is the SMS readout function , which is very helpful during drives. The music player offers a USB and AUX IN ports for added entertainment.

The new PUNTO's air conditioning is of above average quality. The top variants get automatic AC and climate control. The rear AC vent adds to the comfort of the rear passengers.

The company has provided a number of storage spaces and cup holders to suit the customer's convenience. The gear knob gets a silver ring instead of chrome, which suits the design well.

The rear seats are cozy and offer ample thigh support. However they are meant to seat two comfortably. You wont feel comfortable if there is a third person. And there is a central tunnel too, which hinders the comfortable seating of the third person. The seats are 60:40 split seats and lacks an armrest.

The rear seat passengers also get the convenience of a faster cooling... Thanks to the rear AC vent...

The drive...

So now its time to find out how good the new Punto is on the tarmac...
To start with, the insulation of the cabin cannot be called perfect. A fair amount of noise and vibration seep into the cabin when you start the engine and also when you play a bit rough.The engine with its 93 HP  of power and 209 Nm of torque does its job quite well .But, even though the car has 90HP under its hood, dont expect it to be something that offers a sudden surge of torque. The power delivery is pretty much linear. The engine has been tuned to be a more practical one rather than a sporty one. Since it is a diesel, the 90HP Punto has a fair amount of turbo lag.However it does not actually let you down while overtaking. The car is heavy enough and offers good stability at high speeds. The steering is well weighed (or rather a bit over weighed) and offers good response. It may be noted that even the new generation does not host an EPS ( Electronic Power Steering ). The hard steering can be a boon and bane for the driver, at the same time. You feel real confident at high speeds and while cornering. But it can give you hard times when taking a hard turn at low speeds or when driving amidst the tiresome city traffic. Then you wont get the comfort and convenience of an EPS. The car has ventilated disc brakes in the  front and drum in the rear. And these do their duty pretty well... The braking is precise. The 5 speed manual transmission is precise. However the shift is not as smooth as in its rivals like i20.

To sum up, the new PUNTO EVO 90 HP is a quite practical car to drive, with ample power and decent performance.

The PUNTO EVO offers a comfortable ride, both for the front and rear passengers alike. The suspension is neither too soft, nor too hard and offers good ride quality to the occupants.The performance of the air conditioning system is average.The speakers offer impressive sound quality. The rear legroom is ample ( but cannot be compared with rivals like i20)  while the front seats get a whole lot of it.. The car provides a pretty good amount of head-room for all the occupants.
To sum up, the car offers a cool, comfortable ride for four.

 The new PUNTO EVO comes with all the necessary safety features like front airbags with early crash sensor,ABS, EBD,3 point ELR seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters,Fire Prevention System (FPS) etc. The height of the front seat belts can be adusted to suit the convenience. The car also hosts a passenger airbag deactivation system, which can be of great use during  solo drives.
All these make the new EVO a fairly safe car to hang out with.

 The Punto Evo 90HP diesel is not at all a "Thirsty" car. It offers 20.5 kms per litre which is an impressive figure for a car so powerful. To put it simply, the new PUNTO is "more horses turned pocket sized".

The tag:
The PUNTO EVO 90 HP diesel bears a price tag of Rs. 7.43  lakhs (Ex. showrom, Kochi)

  • Impressive design.
  • Good stability and handling at high speeds.
  • Wide range of features on offer.
  • Safety features like ABS for added safety.
  • Good fuel efficiency.
  • Rear AC vent for faster cooling.
  • Affordable price.
  • Fair amount of turbo lag.
  • The overall plastic quality is good , but some areas still need to be improved, like the small portion between the steering wheel and the dash , the rear AC vent etc.   
The new PUNTO EVO 90 HP proves itself to be an impressive, pocket- friendly and reliable family car with its comforts, features, above average performance, good efficiency and the superior build quality and reliability of Fiat. No wonder if one calls it a value for money product.

Vehicle Provided by: HYSON FIAT, Palarivattom
For bookings, contact: 9562232200

Drive and report: Neeraj Padmakumar
Photo Courtesy: Akhil Raj J

Thursday, 21 August 2014

3 Yamaha FZ-S V2.0 Review

Yamaha is one such brand which has always paid attention to the latest motoring vogue of the youth. The RX series and RD series show this concern for the tastes of the youth. The FZ has always been an important model in the company's product line up. First introduced in 2008, the bike turned out to be an instant crowd- puller with its sporty "naked sport" styling, superb performance and impressive drivability . As times changed and many of the rivals turned up, having undergone mere plastic surgeries Yamaha has now given FZ a new avatar with considerable changes - both in the design as well as in the engine. Here is what we feel after having had a test ride of this new macho boy.

The company has retained the basic design of the bike. The new version sports a redesigned headlamp , which looks magnificent with its new angular design. The front mud guard is carved out of fiber. The new FZ sports air scoops on either side, which give it a sporty appeal.

The design of the 12 L tank has been left untouched and it now gets a two-tone color scheme and new 3D graphics. The entire body gets a catchy two- tone color scheme.

The rear has been tweaked and now looks even more "sporty" with the new tail lamp. The rear wheel gets full cover mud-guard which makes the bike even more practical. As a part of the weight-losing strategy, this mud guard has been made out of fiber.The exhaust pipe has also been redesigned. This new design of the rear as well as the exhaust pipe give the bike a surprisingly different look.

FZ FI sports wide split seats which offer ample support and comfort and split grab rails which add to the style quotient of the bike too apart from offering ample comfort.

The new rectangular LCD digital meter cluster hosts speedo, tacho , fuel gauge, odo and trip meters. The various warning lamps and indicators are all neatly arranged around the instrument panel (display). Something needs a special mention here. The new FZ comes with an "ECO" warning lamp which helps in making the rider ride in such a way so as to get the maximum out of every drop of fuel. the plastic quality is above average. The rear view mirror retains its old design.

The overall dimensions of the new bike have changed too. The length, breadth, height and wheel base of the new FZ are 1990 mm, 70 mm, 1050 mm, 1330 mm. A 160 mm ground clearance and 2.6 m turning radius make the new FZ a practical bike.

 The bike has telescopic fork in the front and  mono-shock, box section swing arm in the rear.

Mileage was the biggest (and may be the only) drawback of the previous gen FZ. But the new model does away with this defect. The new 1409 cc 4 stroke "BLUE CORE" single cylinder engine gives out the peak power of 12.9 bhp at 8000 rpm and the peak torque of 12.8 nm at 6000 rpm. The engine is mated to a 5 speed transmission. The engine uses"Fuel Injection " technology.

You can actually feel the difference right from  the moment when you start the mill. The entire thing is now butter- smooth.The new technology uses a fuel injector instead of a carburetor and sprays petrol into the cylinder. Thus maximum combustion of the fuel takes place and hence you get the maximum power at you fingertips.The engine is now even more refined. Since more combustion occurs, the emission gets reduced considerably. The FZ FI is built in accordance with the BS4 emission norms.
The new FZ FI offers good throttle response. The power delivery is almost linear upto 6000 rpm. The vehicle responds accurately to your fingers. The throttle can go for a head to head fight with Apache RTR which boasts of a "Racing Throttle Response" technology. The gearshift is smooth and precise. The vehicle does the 0-60 kmph dash in about 5.2 seconds.

The ride is smooth. You dont feel a bit of vibration, even at high speeds. The stability needs a special mention. You don't lose your confidence due to air resistance at high speeds. The bike stays in hand even at 3 digit speeds. You feel confident in cornering at high speeds. It is interesting hat the company has slightly decreased the power of the new FZ, but still it performs better than the old one. Thanks to the weight losing strategy that has made it almost 3 kg lighter now. As said earlier, the bike performs impressively up to 6000 rpm. But you really feel the lag after 6000 rpm. The brakes do their duty well, making the FZ a safe bike to roam around with. The bike gets 267 mm disc for the front and  drum for the rear wheels. Yea yea... Yamaha could have provided rear discs , at least as an option. The FZ FI proves itself to be a good street bike with its impressive low and mid range performance.
The new FZ gives you 45-55 kmpl

  • Interesting design
  • Better efficiency
  • Impressive ride and handling
  • Reduction in weight
  • Appealing color combos
  • Good throttle response and power delivery ( up to 6000 rpm)
  • ECO indicator


  • Absence of rear discs
  • Lag in response after 6000 rpm
  • The plastic quality of the rear mud guard could be improved.

 Rs. 78,250 (Ex showroom, Delhi)

The new FZ Fi is a good street bike with its appealing design, good efficiency and impressive performance.

Vehicle for test ride provided by: Shinrai Yamaha, Kundannoor

Test Ride and Report: Sudheesh Kumar
Pic courtesy: Akhil Raj J           
Edits: Neeraj Padmakumar