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Thursday, 26 April 2012

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3 APACHE RTR 180 2012

In this review you can get all the details of the new 2012 apache rtr 180.Every one has expected a new model from tvs considering the competition.The competition has stepped the level up.Tvs has even lost the third place in the country two wheeler segment.So Tvs has re worked its flagship model TVS apache rtr 180.
 new apache 1
When you look the bike from the front.You can see that the edgy sharp head lamp cluster has been changed.Over all design has been completely given a makeover.Headlamp has daytime running LED lights.The headlamp cluster has got a smoky effect to it.When you see the bike in real it looks more attractive.The graphics is also now in a new design.The visor also got a new design in to it.
Then you come to the side of the the apache.The tank sccop is now bigger compared to the old model.Also the scoop has the graphics in to it.The name apache has been written more bigger and also it looks really good.The handle bar is same from the old model.Grip and feel is same.
Instrument cluster on the bike is same from the old model.But around it TVS has given carbon fiber finish in to it.But it may work for some one not for everybody.Old instrument cluster looks more neat.
In the rear there is no change.The same good old design has been followed.When you sit in the bike.You can feel that the bike has got more weight.The seating postion is same.But the feel is different to it.When you start the bike.The sound of the engine has got slight change.Maybe it is of the engine is brand new.When you start riding the bike.The bike feels little haevy than the old model.Engine and gearbox is same.The performance of the bike is similar to the old bike.
Fit and finish also top notch.We cant test the fuel efficiency.But it has got the same milage as the old one may be little more.New 180 has also front and rear brakes.The price of the bike has been increased around RS 3000.
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new apache 3

new apache 4
new apache 6
new apache 5
new apache 7
new apache 2


  1. Apache Rtr 180 is a great bike of TVS motors. According to TVS Motors, the Apache RTR 180 would return close to 56 kmpl economy under standard testing conditions.

  2. Tvs is launching its new colours of apache Rtr 160 in which now white is also available

  3. New tvs scooter is going to be launched on 16 September named Jupiter