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Sunday, 5 August 2012

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0 Volkswagen Polo 1.6 Discontinued in India

Volkswagen Discontinued the Polo 1.6 in India.Polo 1.6 was the performance version of Polo sporting 1.6 L Petrol engine it.Polo 1.6 was pulled out due to the poor sales.Petrol prices has been increasing day by day.And its very hard to maintain a petrol car.Most of the petrol cars were selling poor.Volkswagen has stopped the production of the Polo 1.6.But some of the dealers have polo 1.6 unsold with them.SO if you are in the market for one performance petrol Hatch Go and get Polo 1.6 with Huge discounts.Volkswagen is offering Polo with both petrol and diesel engines.Volkswagen has another 1.2 L Petrol powered polo also.But this polo is getting good number.Because of the 1.2 L Engine it is much less expensive to maintain and also this engine gives good fuel economy.But the diesel Polo is out selling Petrol Polo.

Also another Problem with polo 1.6 is that it is only available in the Highline trim only which is more expensive than the 1.2 L High line trim.Price differnce both these models are around 26,500 RS.Polo 1.6 is priced at RS 7.58 lakhs (On-Road Mumbai) and for the Polo 1.2 High line is RS 7.27 lakhs (On-Road Mumbai).In India More buyers are looking for Practical car which gives good performance with high Mileage.Only a small amount of people want the performance version.Polo 1.6 L engine gives 105 PS of power and 153 NM of Torque.Top speed is 180 Kmph.But Volkswagen is not getting great numbers on Polo last month they sold only 3498 Units.So we can expect more Petrol models to be discontinued in the coming months.Last week Honda discontinued Civic in India.



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