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Monday, 3 September 2012

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0 Mini Honda CRV in 2014

Honda is planning a Mini Honda CRV.Now Honda has only one product in the SUV segment.Honda want to increase the presence by introducing the new model.Mini Honda CRV will be based on the same platform of the New Honda CRV.Length of the Min CRV is expected around 4.2 Meters.Ground clearance will be lower than the CRV.Styling of the Mini CRV is based on the new CRV.Aggressive grill with peel back head lamps.From the side we can easily notice that the Mini CRV is shorter than the CRV.Rear end design is same from the CRV.Mini CRV will get all the design features of the CRV.This will help Honda to reduce the cost.Interiors will be futuristic like on the new CRV.We can expect good interior space for both front and rear passengers.Mini CRV will get some of the features from the CRV like Bluetooth connectivity,USB connectivity for I-PAD.Mini CRV will also get Airbags,ABS and also ESP for better safety.



Mini CRV get the options of 2 and 4 WD.Entry level variants will be powered by the 2 WD versions.4 Wheel drive system will be a electronically controlled Rear time all wheel drive system.This electronic controlled system will be much faster to response than the conventional Hydraulic system.The weight of the system is reduced by 17 % also has very less internal friction.Which improves the efficiency of the system.Mini Honda CRV will get the same engine line up of the New CRV.2.0 L i-VTEC,2.2 I-DTEC and 1.6 LI-DTEC.We expect the 2 diesel engine model to be more popular.2.2L I-DTEC engine makes 148 HP of power and 350 NM of torque.1.6 L I-DTEC Engine makes 118 BHP and 300 NM of torque.Honda is planning a Hybrid model for the Min CRV.if Honda can reduce the length under 4 meters and also launch with the option of diesel engines.Then Honda has big hit in their hands.Mini Honda CRV is expected to arrive in 2014.



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