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Friday, 11 January 2013

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0 Next Generation Corolla and Innova arrives in 2015

Toyota recently said that there will be no future models for the next three years.This is a long time considering the competition for all Toyota products is heating up.Toyota Corolla is worlds largest selling car but in India Corolla sales have declined a lot.Competition for Corolla is very high.Boring Looks and a small diesel engine is the main problem for Corolla.Toyota is already developing next generation Corolla.New Corolla is developing in an all new Platform.We expected to see the unveiling of next generation Corolla this year.
Toyota Innova is the segment leader in MUV.So many models have come and attacked.But Innova stood there.Toyota is also developing the next generation Innova.Development work is carrying out in Japan Like the Toyota Etios twins.Innova is also developed in an all new platform.Toyota hasn’t given any details of the products or the time when they launch.But we can expect both the products to be launched in 2015.
source : Overdrive


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