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Friday, 3 May 2013

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4 Here Comes the Ninja 300 rival Honda CBR 300 R

Honda CBR and Kawasaki Ninja are rivals in most of the segments. Kawasaki recently launched the Ninja 300 in India. Honda is not wasting any time as they are preparing Ninja 300 rival. Which is Honda CBR 300 R while follows the same path as the CBR 250 R. To make the cost reduce Honda engineers have taken the CBR 250 R design and made it little bigger. Honda CBR 250 R design is inspired from the bigger Honda VFR.  Like the CBR 250 R Honda is positioning the bike as a touring bike. CBR 300 R suspension will be tuned little soft but it wont affect the Handling much. Honda CBR 300 R will offer great ride quality.

We can expect Honda to offer ABS in CBR 300 R. Kawasaki is not offering ABS on the Ninja 300 which is a big disappoint. Honda CBR 300 R engine will be based on the same 250 cc motor from the CBR 250 R. Honda will not go for performance instead the bike will be frugal as well as gives good performance. Honda CBR 300 R wont replace the CBR 250 R. Both will be sold along side. Kawasaki has priced the Ninja 300 on the expensive side. While Honda will price the CBR 300 R aggressively. We are expecting Honda to unveil the CBR 300 R in September. If Honda can price the CBR 300 R well then it can create the same storm which the CBR 250 R done.

Honda CBR 300 R Coming Soon

source : thaispyshot


  1. sounds shit 2 b honest ....its really insane until tey stop optimisin the bike for india by compromising the quality and power

  2. Nija 300 has optional ABS