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Saturday, 4 May 2013

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9 Yamaha YZF–R25 launch at the End of 2013

Quarter liter bike from Yamaha has been in news for so many years. There are lots of speculations about the 250cc bike from Yamaha. Finally Official announcement has comes from Yamaha. Yamaha Indonesia has confirmed that they are developing the 250cc bike. YZF – R25 will take the design of R15 to the next level. Like the R15 it has sporty split seats and riding position will be more aggressive. Swing arm for the R25 will be derived from the Yamaha R125. Yamaha R25 will be handlers delight like its elder sibling R15. Yamaha R25 will be powered by a 250cc single cylinder engine like the R15. Engine will produce good power to keep the R25 neck and neck with the competition. Yamaha is tuning the bike to even beat the Ninja 300.

Yamaha will heavily localize the R25. This will help Yamaha to price the R25 aggressively. Biggest competitor for R25 is the Honda CBR 250 R. In performance we are sure that Yamaha will be the hands down winner. But the pricing need to be spot on for the volumes in the market. Yamaha R25 will also fight against the upcoming pulsar 375 at the top of the segment. Yamaha R15 is loosing against the more powerful Duke 200 and Pulsar 200 NS. So Yamaha needs to bring the R25 as fast as they can. Yamaha Indonesia Vice president Mr Dyonisius Beti has said that Launch of the R25 will take the place at the End of 2013. In India we can expect Yamaha to launch the R25 in the Auto Expo.


source : Bike India


  1. 8276889344
    is my no..
    interested to buy this 1
    what vil be da approx price of it??

  2. u really expect that yamaha indonesian ceo to call u wen it launches ? lol

  3. whats the price if we import in pakistan

  4. Were do u live and how many kms??
    And how much mileage do u get???

  5. hey u all faggots.
    its Yamaha.
    the bike they will launch will be a keep garded secret, to there hearts.
    like r15 or even v2.
    just keep looking for spy images,
    then u can be sure.
    or it can be like NINJA 150
    never to come here.
    get lost.
    got to ur mama and have a nap.
    it will take atleast more 6mth.
    i am keeping a complete track of this one, so it almost comming near a year, pretty much not here,
    take a hike or shove it up ur tail pipe's and enjoye the bike/car u have now.

  6. 1 cylinder really suck dude. You saw what cbr250r 2011 did? Really, why would you wasted your money on this! Look up for four cyl, the old school type! Its rock.

  7. What will be the onroad price in Kerala???????